Christine Montross

Christine Montross

• Author Christine Montross is someone I first met when she hired me to photograph her civil union in Vermont. Christine’s website was initially set up to promote her well-received book Body of Work, a meditation about being a student in the anatomy lab at medical school.

• Working with a copyrighted design Christine put together, I did the HTML and CSS coding to bring it to website browsers. Since its debut, we have built out the site to reflect her new work and reviews.

Gretchen LaSalle

Gretchen LaSalle MD
• Gretchen LaSalle, a doctor based in Spokane, Wash., approached me to build a website in preparation for the publication of her first book. It accommodates Dr. LaSalle’s regular blog in addition to videos and science news related to her passion project – vaccines and immunizations.

• The website is WordPress-based, built on a GeneratePress template and adapts to browsers on desktop or laptop computers, tablets or phones.



• Robyn Jacobs came to me on the referral of another client; she was starting a new business for the treatment of women’s wellness and wanted an online presence.

• Since designing the site, I’ve been expanding it with new pages and information as Robyn has been growing the business. She uses the site as a place for clients to find information about the business.

Jennifer Shu

• I was first introduced to Jennifer when she was a local pediatrician for a mutual friend’s children. Now living in the Atlanta area, Jennifer is an energetic doctor who is also an author, a regular on CNN Health and the ReachMD podcasts.

• The site features feeds from her blog and Twitter pages.

Jill Grimes

Jill Grimes

• I have been working with Jill Grimes for some time now. An energetic family practitioner in Austin, Tex., Jill has recently published The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook, a follow-up to her successful book Seductive Delusions: How Everyday People Catch STDs.

• We have melded her older HTML/CSS and Blogger websites into one WordPress website, using GeneratePress for its structure. It is now mobile-friendly and one-stop shopping for Jill’s latest writing and media appearances.

Rising Health Strategies

RH Strategies

• On the recommendation from another of my clients, Josh Rising approached me to help build a new website for his healthcare consulting business.

• Using a GeneratePress template, the website’s navigation leads to other elements on its single page. I also set up the domain name, hosting and security certificate for the WordPress-based site, which adapts across all platforms.